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My Daughter loves Fiery Feet and has done for the past 4 years, it is her favourite class!  She loves the show and the recognition she gets by taking exams.  The teachers are fabulous with all the children, I have recommended them to many friends.  Mum of Lola, 7 years old.

I love the Fiery Feet adult classes because they are a great package: friendly, enthusiastic, talented teachers, lovely facilities and classes which are really fun and professional! Gemma, adult street dance and adult ballet.

At adult tap we have a fast and fun workout whilst giggling a lot! Ann, adult tapper.

Fiery Feet = fun, friendship and fitness! We like doing exams, building body strength and learning new things.  The teachers are really kind, supportive and fun. Millie and Katie, 8 and 12 years old.

Fiery Feet promotes confidence and self-esteem in the children whist also providing them with opportunity to develop. At Fiery Feet there is real sense of belonging due to the community spirit and support that is offered.  Mum of Phoebe, 6 years old.

I’ve been dancing with Fiery Feet since 2009 and I’ve built confidence as both a dancer and a performer. It’s amazing how much of a family feel Fiery Feet has as everyone is so supportive of one another. I find the ethos at Fiery Feet is that it’s not about being the best dancer technically, but it’s about trying your hardest to exceed as a performer and to fulfill your personal strengths as a dancer. Sara and Sophie have been really supportive to me and help you to be the best that you can possibly be.  My Mum (an adult tapper), my niece (nursery class) and I (senior) all love dancing here. I’d really recommend it to anyone, whatever your taste there is a class for everyone! Alice, 18 years old.

Fiery Feet inspires you to do your best.  It has a lovely atmosphere with good people and amazing dance teachers who constantly motivate you to try your best.  I have been attending classes for 8 years and have loved everything about it.  Coming to Fiery Feet really helped me to gain in confidence as a person.  Lauren, aged 20.

I like Fiery Feet because you can learn all different types of dance.  The show is the best bit of the year, especially the costumes and make-up. Kaitlin, 9 years old.

I like Fiery Feet because I feel part of a community.  We are given great opportunities to perform and not only learn how to dance but how to motivate ourselves, how to be confident in what we are doing and how to achieve our goals.  I really want  to be a dance teacher when I’m older and Sara and Sophie are my role models.  Jess, 13 years old.

I like coming to Fiery Feet because I’ve made some nice friends and it keeps you fit, healthy and active.  Millie, 8 years old.

Fiery Feet is the best thing about my week!  I like the shows with the costumes and make-up as well as the competitions I do.  I have made lots of friends from different schools and years!  Harriet, 13 years old.

Fiery Feet is the highlight of my weekend.  The teachers are very nice and caring towards their students.  Lily, 13 years old.

I like Fiery Feet because of the community feel.  The teachers motivate us to do well in our exams but it’s so much fun at the same time.  Acro is my favourite lesson but I love that there are so many different types of dance on offer. 14 years old.

The teachers really care about their students and make Fiery Feet a special place to be.  Caitlin, 13 years old.


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