Our Higher classes are for those in year 10 to year 13 and provide challenging, structured and progressive sessions in a wide range of dance genres.

Senior & Open Combination – Exciting and structured dance classes which include our three core dance genres, ballet, modern jazz and tap. Students develop and strengthen their dance knowledge and skill through the use of the British Theatre Dance Association syllabus, have the opportunity to take examinations, explore a range of choreography styles and participate in our annual show. We work on our students ability to develop their own performance style, practise storytelling through movement and encourage our Higher dancers to explore the other classes we offer to enrich their dance education.

Acrobatics Arts – Acro dance is the beautiful fusion of classic dance technique with the precision and athleticism of acrobatic elements. Children learn tricks, balances, flexibility and tumbling skills whilst progressing through the 12 levels of the acrobatic arts syllabus. Students also have the opportunity to try out for our Acro Squad.

Ballet – Creative and structed classes which enable students to progress further in their understanding and ability to perform correct ballet technique to enable them to dance on pointe. Classes inspire dancers through the use of engaging and creative elements, as well as using the British Theatre Dance Association and Progressive Ballet Technique syllabuses.  The is also the option to take examinations and perform in our annual show.

Lyrical – Lyrical dance embodies various aspects of ballet, jazz, acrobatics, and modern dance. Within this class students explore a range of styles whilst developing expression and performance skills. Students learn the British Theatre Dance Association syllabus, have the opportunity to take examinations and participate in our annual show.

Commercial – A high energy and exciting class which draws on a range of urban styles from street to hip-hop and everything in between. Students learn original choreography, develop performance skills and improve their fitness & stamina.

Conditioning – Dancing at a higher level requires strength, flexibility and stamina. Our conditioning sessions teach students how to work their body to ensure they are able to deliver more challenging dance elements.

Jazz Tech – A class designed to enable students to develop their modern jazz technique, including balance, strength and flexibility work to improve kicks, leaps & elevated work, turns and pirouettes.